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Brooklyn, NY, 11238
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Adam Miller is a cinematographer and Steadicam operator who works in the NYC area specializing in commercials, music videos, feature films, short films, and documentaries. 

Searching for Subtlety

Lens Test - Zeiss Jenna Tevidon 25mm f1.4

Adam Miller

My new vehicle for exploring, is the D16 Digital Bolex. At it core it’s a very simple yet powerful super16 format digital cinema camera.  I've tried out various c-mount lenses, with mixed results. The first lens I felt like sharing, is a Zeiss Jenna Tevidon 25mm f1.4

This is a really nice looking lens. Sharp and clear, it really is a great portrait lens for the D16. It does however, need to be kept in the "sweet spot."  Similar to the 10mm in that it really needs to around an  f4 or f5.6 to look good.  It seems to me that they preform quite poorly with the aperture closed down, past f8.  

So far my biggest problem with these Tevidon lenses is that they don't look great at or near infinity focus. So it could be lacking as a wide "master" lens. However, since it's clear that I'll need some ND's to maintain a f4 or f5.6 outside it's hard to say how it will perform as a wide lens, until I can test with ND's as well.  

As I get into this a little deeper I'll put up some more controlled environment lens tests to really see where the lenses are lacking and where they shine.

Here's some test footage from playing around one day.